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Set at the footstep of Rocky Mountain National Park, on the grounds of one of America’s most iconic hotels, the Stanley Film Center will be home to events, exhibits, and an archive dedicated to horror film history and culture.

Opened in 1909 as a mountain retreat for wealthy Easterners, the Stanley Hotel is one of Colorado’s most famous buildings, with stunning panoramic views of the Rockies from its perch above Estes Park. The Stanley Hotel, inspiration for The Shining, one of King’s best-known novels, which was later adapted into an equally famous film by Stanley Kubrick. Nearly half a century later, horror fans travel from around the world to visit The Stanley Hotel, which has since regained its former glory and is now recognized as one of the state’s favorite hotels.

The present owners of the hotel are celebrating this haunted heritage with the Stanley Film Center, a museum and interactive film center dedicated to horror films. The Stanley Film Center is a non-profit entity funded, in part, by a Colorado State Regional Tourism grant and anticipated to bring new economic activity to the state. The Film Center will be a multi-genre film and music venue — with the horror film genre as the theme of the museum.

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